St. Louis, MO Parish Stands Against Human Trafficking at Mary of Magdala Celebration

St. Louis, MO — Parishioners at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish gathered together on July 20th to celebrate Mary of Magdala. In keeping with this year’s theme of Being Witnesses to Victims of Human Trafficking, the celebration invited participants to consider action steps they could take to help put an end to this modern day form of slavery.


Buffalo, NY Celebrates Mary of Magdala in honor of deceased Sister

Sister Mary ThompsonBuffalo, NY- At the end of July,  Sister Mary Thompson, SSMN, author of Mary of Magdala, Apostle and Leader (New York: Paulist Press 1995) passed away unexpectedly.

An interest in women of the gospel led her to write “Mary of Magdala: Apostle and Preacher.”  Women took a strong interest in this book because Sister Mary’s writing portrays Mary of Magdala as a leader of considerable influence rather than the erroneous identification of her as the sinful woman of St. Luke 7:36-50. Sister wrote:

“To have been the only person, male or female, listed in all four gospels as the first to realize that Jesus is risen and to have announced that message to the other disciples was to have reached undeniable prominence.”BuffaloMaryMag

Thank you, Sister Mary Thompson, for your ministry and your dedication to Saint Mary of Magdala! May you rejoice with Mary Magdala this day!