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scanFutureChurch began its works 25 years ago when Catholics began to recognize the what the impending priest shortage would mean for the sacramental life of the Church.

Our work centers around four initiatives:

1.  The Future of Priestly Ministry

2.  Women in Church Leadership

3.  Save Our Parish Community

4.  Justice in the Church

We work to provide opportunities for all Roman Catholics to participate fully in the life, leadership and ministry of the Church.

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17307 Madison Avenue
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  1. I was ordained in the full enthusiasm of Vatican 2 in 1960 and have watched despairingly its steady dismantling ever since. I have long been convinced that the Vatican will not be reformed by popes or even Ecumenical councils, still less by bishops or priests, but by the laity once they take power into their own hands. It is the only force which, like the Vatican, remains for ever. Popes and Councils pass away. I will do what little I can to support the the laity while God gives me breath

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