Did you hear about Mary of Magdala on Easter Sunday? Read our survey results.

mary-of-magdala-card-cover1Even today, St. Mary of Magdala is portrayed as a repentent prostitute rather than the faithful witness and leader she was in the early Church.

Where ever we find her denigrated, we endeavor to bring the good news of her true role as “an apostle to the apostles.”

More than 330 people from around the world responded to FutureChurch’s Mary of Magdala Restoration Project survey asking whether they heard the full text of John 20:1-18 proclaimed on Easter Sunday that includes the story of Mary of Magdala as the first witness to the Resurrection and/or if the homilist reflected on her central role during the homily.

Twenty-three percent of respondents said they heard all of John 20:1-18 proclaimed, while 64% heard the only the official text, John 20:1-9.  Most of the remaining 13% heard a text from Luke or Matthew (see chart below).When asked if Mary of Magdala was mentioned in the homily, 54% of respondents said she was not, 26% said she was mentioned briefly and 13% indicated that the homilist went into great detail regarding Mary of Magdala’s role (see chart below).When she was mentioned in the homily, 27% said she was portrayed as a witness to the Resurrection with 22% indicating that she was portrayed as a central figure in the story.  Almost nine percent said she was portrayed as a minor figure in the story and 2.88% said she was portrayed as a repentant sinner or prostitute.

Fifty five percent of respondents said they would be willing to ask their pastor to read all of John 20:1-18 and to preach on the whole of the text which would include Mary of Magdala’s central role as primary witness to the Resurrection.  Five percent said they would not be willing to ask on either count.  Others indicated they were not sure.

To learn more about FutureChurch’s Mary of Magdala Restoration Project, go to #reclaimmagdala.

To join FutureChurch and communities around the world in the celebration of Mary of Magdala’s feastday on July 22nd, please write to russ@futurechurch.org to get details for this year’s celebration.

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