Catholics at Our Lady of Peace Participate in “Last Rites”

OLPIt is a sad state of affairs when motivated faith-filled Catholics cannot keep their vibrant parish open.  That is the story of Our Lady of Peace.  Under a diocesan plan “Making All Things New” parishes across the Archdiocese of New York have been merged or closed.  Catholics who once celebrated Eucharistic life together, who came together to baptize, marry, and bury their loved ones and who served those around them in need — will be no more.  And their faith in Catholic leaders who seem to operate out of a corporate model of governance rather than a pastoral one is diminished if not completely lost.  It does not have to be this way, and yet Catholic bishops seem determined to shut down parishes rather than opening ordination and using other tested and creative ways to keep parishes open.

Below is the press release from Our Lady of Peace as they participate in the “last rites” for their parish.  Our prayers are with all the people of Our Lady of Peace.  And our work continues to end this pattern of merging and closing parishes.